mother’s day menu

We had a great lunch with Mom and Dad today to celebrate Mother’s Day!  Levi is in Charleston and will be back next weekend when we do what Mom asked for her present – cleaning out the house of our childhood stuff!  That should be interesting.
So, onto the menu.  We had…
The only change I made was to add a perforated lime on top of the beer can.  This added some acid and more juice to go into the chicken.  So tender!!


Everything else was served warm so I wanted a cold dish.  This was really good and easy.  I didn’t have apple cider vinegar so I used 1 part white wine vinegar and 1 part apple cider instead.


These were a-maz-ing!  Mom doesn’t like crunchy green beans so I did boil them ahead of time.  I used pancetta instead of bacon and cooked them on the grill so I didn’t have to cook the pancetta at all before then.  Next time I make them for us, I will probably not cook the beans or bacon first and just saute them in the pan all wrapped up.  I like crunchy green beans!!


I was really proud of this!  I made bread with the spent grains from Brad’s home brew.  Recipe and details in the next post…


Yummy plate.  We grilled some corn too.  I peeled back the husk, removed the silk, rubbed each ear with butter, S&P and pulled the husk back up.  Just grill, turning once or twice, until the kernels are soft.  Mmmm.
For the beverage, Mom requested Brad’s world-famous Shingleritas.  🙂
No recipe for this one; just use lots of tequila, a little mix and some sort of orange flavoring.  Ha.
And, the ever-popular Four-layer Chocolate Delight was served for dessert.  I have never cooked the pudding with the milk, just mix it together and let sit for a while to set.  I also don’t refrigerate between layers but do overnight once I am done.
Love this stuff!  Better than Robert Redford is very similar.
So, Brad went to his Mom’s grave this morning and some *&% had stolen the flowers we put out earlier this year.  I mean seriously?!?  Who does that???  Apparently it used to happen a lot before Granny left a note saying “God is watching you.”  Guess we need to put out another one.  Argh…
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day!!

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